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 Confessional: 25: Will the "losing my final 2" curse continue?

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional: 25: Will the "losing my final 2" curse continue? Empty
PostSubject: Confessional: 25: Will the "losing my final 2" curse continue?   Confessional: 25: Will the "losing my final 2" curse continue? EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 8:34 pm

So Tim goes and the dude leaves with legit class which I have mad respect for. Sucks we never got to talk more actually cause the 2 pms he sent me I got good vibes from but by that point the alliances had already played out lol.

So at this point its final 8. It's crazyyyyyyy(To all those bitchs stealing this, the stretched out y is my thing!) I made it here considering we started with 24? more like 26 with the returning players lol.

So its me/jessie/chris/kirby as of now as the core 4. Than I also have alliances im stringing along with Max/Blaire. Bobby and Santana I haven't spoken a word to the entire game so hopefully they arent some super game runners in secret but anythings possible lol.

At this point districts 1 and 2 are the only ones still solid. I know Kirby wants Blaire out and honestly I kinda do too but that would leave just OUR district as the only full one left which could be mad dangerous. Blaire finally pushed for a final 2. Which you pretty much have to accept.I guess when shes voted out there will be mad hate lol. And Max is still loyal. And sticking to the final 4 lol. I feel like shes one of those "stick to my word" types but she also doesn't show alot so maybe shes MAD busy and just is going with the flow lol.

So i'm curious to see how this goes. It would be amazing for me/kirby to make it ALL the way to final 2 but I have this really unlucky streak that whenever i'm legit final 2ing with someone I end up losing them 8 times outta 10 lol. So i'm curious to see if that streak will continue.

It's nice its the weekend though, the only thing I need to do at this point is keep Chris on our side since I think Kirby/Jessie are sure things at this point. If I can do that I SHOULD have a good shot at making it further. But this game has had alot of twists so i'm waiting for the one that screws me over hahah. Stay tunnneddd!!
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Confessional: 25: Will the "losing my final 2" curse continue?
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