Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Final Confessional: Holy crap!

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Final Confessional: Holy crap! Empty
PostSubject: Final Confessional: Holy crap!   Final Confessional: Holy crap! EmptyMon Nov 05, 2012 10:47 pm

I've literally never had a game before where like....literally everything I planned out happened. I thought for SURE Max had won the final challenge.

But I somehow(blind luck I guess? Maybe Jesus does love me despite all the shit I talk lmao) I won. And I had to make the harsh but necessary choice of taking out Jessie. He 100% would of won the game if he got into finals.

But I did EVERYTHING I set out to do this game. Played the role of the un-threatening pot head, held back when I needed to, fought hard to keep our giant alliance safe, and steam rolled everyone at the end lol.

Now i'm not one of those blind "I'ma win Very Happy" Russel types....Max COULD still win. She has an amazing chance actually There was a line in one of the James Bond movies a few days ago "Arrogance and self awareness seldom go hand in hand" so I'm well aware I could still lose to Max. If so, well than she out-played even me cause she got exactly what she wanted too. Going up against someone more hated haha.

I just hope I can give the argument that I made moves to advance myself and actually played a hard-fought and purposeful game. Because I did actually try in this one. SOME games I play just to make finals or even go with certain people. But this time I 100% played to be the final 1. So I just have to hope at this point I can put into words why I should win without them hating me :/

But seriously alot went my way this game. So I am glad I atleast made the final 2 lol. Now lets hope the jury state goes as well as the rest of the game and I can avoid putting my foot in my mouth lol.

Thanks though to Jimmy and Dan for an AWESOME game. It was stressful at times but I'm really glad I played and you both did friggin awesome!

~Marty out~
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Final Confessional: Holy crap!
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