Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Blog 1: This shit is crazy

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Seneca Crane
Seneca Crane

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PostSubject: Blog 1: This shit is crazy   Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:44 pm

I love the district twist! It's forcing these people to overalign and it's making paranoia run at an all time high. I have access to everything and I have no idea who is going to be voted out tonight. I'm blown away by the overaligning and activeness of this group. Bobby's name has come up to leave tonight, which sucks he is one of my early favs (Mostly because I love Iceman, duh) and he's good at this game. Hermione is a goner I'm sure of that but it looks like the other person who is leaving tonight is going to be a good player no matter what.

I can barely keep everything straight and I'm the host and reading every convo, I have no idea how the players are doing it lol.
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Blog 1: This shit is crazy
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