Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 6: Twoooooooooo....alot of them

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional 6: Twoooooooooo....alot of them Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 6: Twoooooooooo....alot of them   Confessional 6: Twoooooooooo....alot of them EmptyWed Oct 10, 2012 6:37 pm

Okay!!!! Sooooooooooo. I survived the first vote because we didn't have to go to tribal council lol Looks like the inactives and Scott Pilgrim went bye bye. Which is sorta a shame.

But I think it helps out better because we might be making an alliance with our partners. So it would be Me/Kirby, Max/Legolas and Mclovin/BabyDoll. So a lot of the people iv been talking to will at least all be in one alliance.

Now it seems like I have alot of final 2's lol. First is me and Kirby cause we talked early. I also get long pretty well with Max and we have a deal. I have one with McLovin cause hes good with strategy....and now apparently Blare rofl. We got talking and apparently she trusts me yadda yadda yaddda. I honestly hope some people are bsing me because if all these people legit believe im their number 2 lol. But you can't really turn it down what fun is that. Plus I have that big group alliance of
Blair Waldorf, Jessie Pinkman, me, Kirby Reed, Lip Gallagher, Tamera Campbell, Max Black, and Legolas. Thats actually part of the reason Blair and I started talking a group that big is bound to fall apart so I wanted to make sure I was in with enough people when it does lol.

But honestly now I just want to sit and see where these alliances take me. McLovin wants me to bring in Bobby but I've talked to enough people. So im thinking i'll just act like I talked to him but that he didn't respond. Fake working ftw!

So I'm probably not gonna be at the challenge tonight. Which hopefully isn't a big deal. I mean If missing the 2nd challenge ever gets me voted out I probably wasn't gonna win the game anyway. Lets see where the boat goes from here.
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Confessional 6: Twoooooooooo....alot of them
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