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 The things I can’t say to the jury but for them to read after after(not for episodes lmao)

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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The things I can’t say to the jury but for them to read after after(not for episodes lmao) Empty
PostSubject: The things I can’t say to the jury but for them to read after after(not for episodes lmao)   The things I can’t say to the jury but for them to read after after(not for episodes lmao) EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 8:35 pm

I was gonna do my closing now now but we’re waiting on Max and I wanna let her answer first. So I thought I’d write for the jury the stuff I can’t say or id completely lose or give my identity away lmao.

Jessieeeee buddy. OMG. I am soooo glad I voted you out now. Like seriously at this point it’s better than winning. SO much better. . And this isn’t even about you not voting for me cause I never expected you to. But attacking my family. You better hope you aren’t someone who I was friends with before like literally no matter who it is its done now lol. I will tell ya something though. My closest friends on imdb. We’ve all backstabbed each other. Some I did to them and some they did to me. Some both lol. But you know what? It made us stronger friends cause we realized our friendship was above the game. Shit how many times have me and John voted each other out and we can still talk fine and stay friends cause we put it aside from the games lol. The games don’t matter “yo”. You proved all you cared about was our placement in the game. Like really its survivor?! People lie ALL the time. How could you really believe anyone would take as big of a threat as you to the end that’s not how survivor works with real players. You really don’t even deserve to win any game if your going to be such an immature baby as a juror lol. And again all this means is giving both players a chance. If you had asked us both questions equally and gave us atleast both a shot i would of been fine but you had to go over the top and insult people not related to the game. Good job...your an awesome person great morals you have sir.

Chris: Wtf dude? You DID try and get me out right?! Why are you bitter? Shit dude you were probably easier to beat than Max. Not that I could ever say this cause it would look like I wasn’t in control but seriously id so of taken your ass over Max lmao. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you WERENT really trying to get us out when we took you out and that was someones bs? But I feel like that would of come up in jury lol. But I don’t mind cause your post was more hilarious less personal and its sorta jokes I don’t know why your bitter Razz no hard feelings at all lmao.

Kirby: I back stabbed you but honestly you’re the reason why I took Max. I didn’t expect you to be such a hypocrite. I guess next game don’t talk shit about people if your REALLY willing to vote them after all? Lmao. And just so you know, the LAST time someone complimented my game too much they back-stabbed me(Moochiiieeee) so honestly I was only trying to learn from my mistakes. Sorry if you were legit gonna be loyal to me which based on how upset you got, I think you actually were. But you saying to me"Fantastic game"="Get Marty out" cause thats what happened last time. So in my mind it was get you before you got me.

Blair: I ment what I said cause id prefer not losing 9-0 so I hope I at least get your vote lol. Since we played the same game. I also have no idea who you are though O_O but your good so I guess I’m curious now lol. Maybe an old vet or someone Iv never played with. Bettis would be randomly hilarious. But it was good facing off against you and matching wits that’s why I still love playing games lol.

The rest: Honestly the rest of you I have no problem with and the bitterness is understandable. And no matter who you vote thank you Tim/Santana/Bobby/Kim for being non-bias and giving me a chance. Can’t wait to see who you all are.

Prediction for myself:

I’m probably gonna lose lmao. I was counting on Jessie/Kirby maybe respecting our little alliance and not wanting the person they attacked the whole game to win. Goooo figure lmao. At best I think 5-4 but 9-0 is always possible. I guess id like 6-3 with me getting Blair, Tim and Kims vote since I think they understood my game the best.

But just random guessing.

Kim – Marty- We got along and I didn’t piss her off really so I could see getting her vote
McLovin – Max- Apparently he has his mind made up and he seemed mad so I think hes voting for Max
Tim – Marty- Seems like he’d respect my game since he lied too
Santana – Max- They played similar so I think she respects her game more.
Chris – Max -said he was pissed(still confused why lmfao!)
Bobby – Marty- I think he’ll respect me as a competitor.
Blair –Marty- We played the same game. So why not?
Kirby – Max- Upset. Understandably I just thought Max was the one person she wouldn’t vote for.
Jesse - Max– Butt-hurt<3

9-0 wouldn't surprise me though Razz Who knows.

Last part I guess why I played the game so hard? Part of it was seeing what a badass Dan was on Big Brother Razz Totally wanted to play a game like that. His mistake though was taking someone equally awesome in Ian.

The other reason was that friggin sockpuppet BlackJack? I think that was it spouting off I was some great player and messing up my last game. I don’t mind losing when it’s my fault(and that’s why I wont be upset with this one cause as much as Jessie is attacking me I did back-stab him so it’s totally on me) but outside interference is a no no. Keep the game within the game its unfair being affected by people outside it. So I guess I kinda figured if that idiots gonna tell everyone I’m so threatening I’ll show them and like bury this cast with my skill lol. But now you all get to see also how bad I am with jury so I guess the moral is Stop believing sock puppets!!! lmao.

But finally lmao I wanted my villain shoes back. Everyone was saying how heroic I was and honestly what fun is that lol. On Heroes vs Villians they got their asses kicked. So atleast after this I’ll be infamous again lmao! Just like how I started. Let the Judas days roll on.

But its not like I haven’t played the “take the strongest to the end” games before. I v totally stayed loyal and went to the end with strong players. I just NEVER win when I do that, and this one I wanted to at least play to win even if I didn’t end up doing it. And honestly unless its with a buddy who I want a final with, I kind of prefer taking easy people to beat. When i'm playing alone/just for me. Guess that makes me an asshole but I’m a nice guy in real life so why not cut lose a little online when it isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Plus I did that in Marvel and won. So I guess the only difference is who's on the jury and what they respect. That's whats tough about mystery games cause in imdb games id never align with people I know are over emotional. Mystery games you don't know who your allies are so I guess it was just bad luck I ended up talking less to the people who were non-bias.

That’s it. Guess we wait for Max, and do the closings and see how bad I lose by LOL. Least I’ll go out swinging to the very end which will at least give the fans something to read.
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The things I can’t say to the jury but for them to read after after(not for episodes lmao)
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