Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 34: Pew Pew!

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional 34: Pew Pew!  Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 34: Pew Pew!    Confessional 34: Pew Pew!  EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 12:58 am

So THAT was an intense challenge. It was me/jessie/kirby VS Blair. We had to pick states in a war/battle ship type game. Which I had to google rofl. Yeah being canadian I don't really follow American Geography that much I didn't even really like learning Canadian Geography lol.

So since it was generally luck based I figured id pick states I had a good association with. So I picked places friends were from lol. And I take out Jessie like right away and Kirby too*facepalm*. So than I stopped doing that and just went with gut instinct haha!

Although it WAS sorta hilarious with how much Jessie complained I took him out in like the first 5 mins. Sorry man but that was pricelesss Razz. Ahem lol. SO anyway it came down to me and Blair having one left. And I got it!!!! and also got the majority of the hits like 5 lol. I talk about how lucky I am in games sometimes so it was kind of fitting I won a luck challenge haha!

So now I have immunity. I'm not totally useless at challenges and I can say the two I have won were really key for me lol. Plus I couldn't really throw this one unless I didn't sign up and thats just like bad obvious throwing lol.

Anyway, Myself/Kirby/Jessie decided after all the hell Blair put us through playing both sides, we're gonna blind-side her lol. I'm also passing the idol so he can play it. He's gonna do some wtf hilarious message, and now people watching the game will be like "Wtf how did he get an idol?! He won immunity!" LMAO. Gotta give the fans a good show.

So now my biggest rival in the game is hopefully going home. And i'm in the final 4. Not bad starting out with 24 players and coming off a game break. I like to think I have an easy rode to the final 3/2 But so many crazy players have been exposed this game I am worried people will catch onto what i'm doing and that im a threat and take me out. I do firmly believe though Jessie is with me 100%. So at the very least its a tie next time lol.

For now i'm gonna enjoy the weekend and finish some stuff up. Marty out!

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Confessional 34: Pew Pew!
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