Mystery: Hunger Games

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Kirby Reed

Kirby Reed

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PostSubject: SURVEY   SURVEY EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 8:45 pm

1. Who is the biggest threat to win this game? Jesse

2. Who is under the false impression that they are smart? Blair

3. Who is into this game to a creepy degree? Chris

4. Who is the nicest person left remaining? Marty

5. Who needs to pick up the slack a little more? Bobby

6. Who needs to be slapped across the face? Blair

7. Who is the most untrustworthy person left remaining? Blair

8. Who is your best friend remaining in the game? Marty

9. Who is the biggest poser? Max

10. Who does NOT deserve to win this game? Blair

11. Who of the people already voted out do you miss the most? Lip

12. Who is the best competitor? Marty

13. Who talks too much? Jesse

14. Who is the most perky of the bunch? Jesse
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