Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 27: You know what sometimes I misjudge people...

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional 27: You know what sometimes I misjudge people... Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 27: You know what sometimes I misjudge people...   Confessional 27: You know what sometimes I misjudge people... EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 1:15 am

Lmao sigh. I wish we could delete some confessionals cause id totally just remove that last one Razz. I WAS thinking of changing up the game for Blaire. Untill she got all shocked for some reason when it came to voting out our partners lmao.

I'm not gonna flip the game for someone who's afraid to pull the trigger. No thanks champ. I respect players who know its just a game and aren't all sadfaced about voting people out lol. Like I feel like she talked herself out of my REAL loyal at that point :/ so sad lol. I wana go with hard-core badass players so I guess my decision is made.

Kirby's stone cold that way and I freaking love it hahaha. And Jessie is like my challenge machine that just wins all these things so I don't have to do that this game. Plus thinking it over i'd be nuts to go against a sure thing. its a long road to final 3. BUT if I make it there and theres a f2 twist. I'm CLOSE to guranteed final 2 since Jessie wants to have an all guys f2 and Kirby is my district partner. Plus i'm the most hated between the two(or will be), so like its an obvious choice lol.

At this point its all about keeping Chris's, Max's and Blaire's votes pointed in the right direction untill we can chop their heads off lol. I hope after making it this far I can pull it off.

Tonight the vote is Santana. We're selling it like another plan. That we're only voting her cause Bobby might have the idol and we want him to waste it. But I have it. So theres no danger that way lol. The plus is when they both show up and try Santana seems to be the better of the two(between santa/bobby) so its still a good strategic move. Speaking of moves. Unless we absolutely need it im gonna sit on this idol till final 5/4 so theres no more idols in the game lmfao! Thats at least one variable eliminated haha.

As always. I hope I don't get blindsided or jinx something lol. Till next time.

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Confessional 27: You know what sometimes I misjudge people...
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