Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional: 24: Well that complicates things now doesn't it ahhha

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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PostSubject: Confessional: 24: Well that complicates things now doesn't it ahhha    Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:01 am

Okay so small update. Challenge is over. Jessie won!!! And I got 2nd so I got the battle idol.

Now anyone who knows me knows i'm hit and miss on challenges and this game i've been a miss so far hahah. So my plan is to only share it with my f3 buddies. I'm thinking of sharing it with Chris too in order to earn his trust lol. But I'll decide that depending on how this vote goes since if it doesnt go our way I think Chris is going :/. But since hes our 4th I think it would be good if he trusted me personally even more lol. But I'll probably ask Jessie/Kirby before I do lol.

Anyway i'm planning on playing like I don't have it and just trying hard. As of now its all coming down to what Max wants to do and at this point I think shes with us....but who can tell lol.

Last thing. Blaire I realized tonight is playing a really similiar game to me its kind of errie but I also respect it lol. Being in with everyone, but in a way where they still keep you in the game and like you for it lol really the only one that dislikes her hard-core is Kirby hahha.

I'm starting to realize how dangerous she is lol. So her time might be up soon if we have control of this thing lol. She also knows how to get into your mind lol that crap is dangerous. This isn't your boat sweetheart lol. So stay tuned for that. For NOW i'm hoping the other sides kingpin Tim goes so hopefully that works out!
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Confessional: 24: Well that complicates things now doesn't it ahhha
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