Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 1: Let's get this party started!

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional 1: Let's get this party started! Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 1: Let's get this party started!   Confessional 1: Let's get this party started! EmptyMon Oct 08, 2012 11:53 am

Fun fact Marty has no last name in the film so I had to use the last name of the actor who plays him LOL! Okay soooooo my first confessional for the game. Guess I should start with the basics.

Why did I pick Marty? Two reasons. First off, because Cabin in the Woods is one of my latest favorite movies ever! So I had to represent that. And …..the guy takes out a zombie with an extendable Bong. I don’t condone smoking…….but something about that is just friggin awesome. Plus his character is tailor made to survive the hunger games. He’s smart, likeable, and dangerous but very underestimated. He looks like a fool until he breaks your zombie face and becomes the last one standing.

Next, Your probably wondering what I think about the hunger games. Ehhhhh. Honestly I was expecting it to be more of an action movie and less romance. “Oh Peta kiss me so they’ll send us ammo and food and medicine” genius plan there. If I wanted lots of kissing and romance with no action id get married for 40 years.

Next, do I actually have a plan......welll sorta! Im thinking about what kinda game I want to play. Id love to play a straight up villain game if I can so we’ll see how that goes. Im so being too heroic lately I need to get back to being the devil lmfao. Also gotta keep my inner show-off in check. My biggest problem in games lately has been about becoming less interested in winning and more about looking badass as the game goes on. So I have to cut back the big move and challenge wins and focus on playing a winning game.

My strategy for the game so far. Just trying to be likable and stick to the "weed freak" stereotype lmao. Hopefully they think i'm not taking the game too seriously this way.

Now onto the exciting stuff. Who I have talked to so far. Max Black, Baby Doll, McLovin, Marianne Bryant and Kirby Reed.

So far Kirby Reed seems to be my favorite. Loved her in Scream 4 and shes the most talkitive in the sense that, we're having actual conversations and not just joke stuff. So pre-day 1 i'm trusting her he most LOL.

Max Black seems cool too but shes playing the flirt thing in pm's so far so i'm honestly hoping she gets more substance later on. I've also talked to Baby doll a little but she wasn't responded much.

Marianne and McLovin also messaged me. Mclovin is just awesome so hopefully I can swing an alliance there. Maranne's religious talking is getting sooo annoying so watch her try and align with me or something. Hate alliance ftw! Seriously though over religious people are soooooo annoying even if its just an act I want her gone like already LOL. So i'm hoping she isn't someone I gotta work with alot. Or like at all.

Seems like we have a good cast so far though. And hmmmm twists. I'm deff predicting its tribes of 2 just like in the movie. And i'm thinking there might be like a bottom and top group of Districts and the winning districts get to vote out the losing ones so we lose two people for a bit. That makes the most sense lol

Thats all for now. Marty signing off.

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Confessional 1: Let's get this party started!
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