Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 14: Order chaos and boredom.

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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PostSubject: Confessional 14: Order chaos and boredom.   Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:56 am

Okay so I basically got bored of watching people try and call her out on all her bs. I figured I'd take a more subtle root.

I saw Chris posted that he wasn't sure who to belive. So I went to him just calmly and said hey? you know what? I'm in the same boat. So let's compare notes and see what shes been saying to the other and get to the bottom of it.

They've been aligned since day 1 lol. And she aparently didn't fill him in. So he tells me he would like to align with me instead and possible take out Elena lol.

Now I have no idea this point if this is true or not. BUT I feel like in these situations where someone is flinging bs in every direction and trying to play EVERY SINGLE person in the game.

The best way to cut through the bs is with clear calm action. I feel like if I show him some sanity he will actually be more inclined to side with me. Will she just weave her spell again?

Maybe but I'm at least trying to sway the vote in a way that ISN'T making it a public spectacle lol.
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Confessional 14: Order chaos and boredom.
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