Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy

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Seneca Crane
Seneca Crane

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Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy Empty
PostSubject: Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy   Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 12:16 pm

What I love about this theme and the districts is that people need to form alliances, but they also have their district partner. This twist about the two people winning was designed to stay true to the theme, however like the actual hunger games we will take it back soon enough (yeah I know they didn't actually take it back in the movie). Some people are onto the twist, some don't seem to care. The thing about this twist is that, it's just another element in an already crazy game.

This game must feel a little bit like the actual Hunger Games, there is so much going on and you could be voted out (killed) for the slightest reason. We have already seen several big name players get the boot and they were playing pretty good.

With 15 people still left in the game, anything can happen. I think the overplayers like Elena, Kris, Legolas and maybe Blair are going to get hacked off.

As for who I like.
Tim Riggins - Right now he's the triple threat and he's keeping the heat off of himself by using meat shields. It will be interesting to see if he can continue on this path.

Blair Waldorf - She's aligning with a lot of people but in this game you need to. The good thing for her is that she hasn't gotten caught doing it yet.

Marty - Marty might be in the best spot in the game. Like his character I think people are sort of overlooking him. He is playing very strategic while avoiding the conflict and putting a target on his back.

Bobby and Bella - Might have the closest bond between any district partners and nobody seems to take notice of this. They both can win challenges and they both are good strategically.

The rest of the season should be pretty good and now with the all new battle idol in place, who knows what's going to happen.
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Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy   Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 7:15 am

You should do a Hunger Games 2, the best part about how you cast everyone is that it would be easy to keep the theme but just switch the characters up.

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Blog 2: It's still kinda crazy
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