Mystery: Hunger Games

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  Confessional 11: Pre-Council thoughts

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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 Confessional 11: Pre-Council thoughts  Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 11: Pre-Council thoughts     Confessional 11: Pre-Council thoughts  EmptyMon Oct 15, 2012 1:49 am

It's late so ima make this short. We got the twist about the double wins. I feel like its just to stay true to the movie. Cause to just have 2 winners and no jury vote seems O_O

Next.....Tim posted is answers in public. If only he was perfectly right rofl cause I totally stole them.

So immunity gets revealed. Its not me boo. So the vote is now between McLovin and Bobby.

I'm probably gonna vote Bobby at this point because the dude hasn't talked to me all game. And im legit telling people this is my im literally giving him a door to come make me a better offer lol.

I do really want to weaken Elena's alliance though. Cause I get controller vibe from her while I kind of get flailing like a dolphin in the ocean vibes from McLovin and thats less dangerous to me lol.

So hopefully this vote goees to plan but i'm trying to play pretty diplomatically so far so even if it doesn't I shouldn't be majorly screwed anyway.

Marty "Are you high?" Kranz out.
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Confessional 11: Pre-Council thoughts
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