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 Confessional 10: Rewarding like a villian

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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Confessional 10: Rewarding like a villian  Empty
PostSubject: Confessional 10: Rewarding like a villian    Confessional 10: Rewarding like a villian  EmptySat Oct 13, 2012 2:37 pm

I thought i'd take a moment to talk about my approach to the reward challenge. Which was pretty much "fake it and hope ya make it"

I figure since im not that popular I DON"T want anyone judging this to know they could be judging my submission. So I knew there was no chance I could do it on the people that really inspire me in case someone puts 2 and 2 together. so I instead just picked a bunch of people who I do like and wrote some inspirational things about them as if I know them really well Laughing Fakeness ftw. I would like to say though that the 5-6 people that DO really inspire me know it and I don't need to write about it to tell them that Razz

Plus making it up like this kind of let me write about more people so my collage would be bigger. I don't think Ive ever lost any kind of art/poster challenge so I kind of want to keep that streak alive. But I've also never done it without photoshop either so i'm not expecting to win really. Plus I think my write ups were a tad too long.

Anyway It would be awesome at this point to win reward so lets see if I can keep up that no loss art record hahaha. Stay tunnnneddd.
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Confessional 10: Rewarding like a villian
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