Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Challenge Thread

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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PostSubject: Challenge Thread   Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:48 pm

Part 1:

1 StraightLoonie

Why: Justin has found the perfect combination of life and games. He can win games and have fun doing it and I really look up to the way he plays games. For you, I picked Tony Stark because he knows how to party hard and fight harder! He would survive the hunger games easily with his superior intelligence but because of his laid back attitude people wouldn’t see him as a serious threat until it was too late.

2 HOWdoesITfeel

Why: Angie is one of the oldest and coolest people here and I think everyone looks up to her with a massive amount of respect. For you I've chosen Princess Diana because I know when the time comes that you leave us everyone will be just as upset as when we lost her Sad. She could survive the hunger games because Diana was extremely likable. She could get into a good career alliance and survive until there were only a few left. Then she would simply finish off her allies as they wouldn’t be expecting her to be so fierce.

3 Spooky

Why: Spooky just exemplifies strength and adversity. He's been playing a long time and he never gives up and is always ready to give it is all in games and life. For him I have chosen Aron Rolston because they both have an incredibly strong will to survive! He could survive the hunger games because he will literally do anything it takes to survive. That’s his best advantage that he just has the will to fight harder than anyone else.

4 LadyJ47

Why: Haley is one of the most confident yet caring people I have ever known. She has power but is also down to earth. For her I have chosen Angelia Jolie who also embraces the same ideals of being influential but also a women of the people! Angelia could survive the hunger games because while she can be hot as fire she can go cold as ice and completely rip people apart so she would have no problem getting into the zone and shredding her opponents when it came time to fight.

5 Zuchini_Man
Why: Robbie is a great friend and an massively talented host. He’s also strong willed and not afraid to stand up for his friends and his family. For him I have chosen from Bryan Mills from Taken as he’s skilled at what he does but uses his incredible talents for good and to help his friends and family. He could survive the hunger games because of his vast set of killing skills both with respect to weapons and hand to hand combat.

6 A-Supreme
Why: Dan is incredibly inspiring because despite all he’s been through and seen he still has faith in the board and sticks around to lead us in times of hard-ship. I can’t think of anyone better to represent Dan then the very first president and the united states Honest Abe Lincoln. Abe would survive the hunger games because of his determination to see it through to the end and not being afraid to make big decisions for the betterment of everyone. While everyone else would be focused on other things such as survival or alliances he would only have the single minded goal of winning and would constantly be planning to make that goal a reality.

7 homecomingguardking
Mark is the little engine that could. He came into the board like a powerful hurricane and I respect how he’s never afraid to make big moves in order to get himself further ahead in game. You aren’t expecting much from him at first but before you know it he has you on the run and your terrified for your life. He’s also the best friend you could ever have. I can’t think of anybody better to represent him than Woody as like Woody I find Mark’s friendship invaluable at times. Woody would survive the hunger games because quite frankly he’s a toy and no ones going to expect a toy to come to life and start killing people. But much like Mark Woody would be very dangerous because no one is expecting him to be a threat.

8 CaptainJimmy18
Why: Jimmy isn’t afraid to take a different path than everyone else and do what he thinks is right. Sometimes he comes across as bossy or pushy but that’s only because hes genuinely interested in doing what he thinks is best. He’s also just awesome. So I think the perfect person to represent him is Barney from How I met your Mother. Barney would survive the hunger games because people would genuinely want to keep him alive once they realized what an asset Barney could be. Once they let him get far enough in the games he would look out for #1 and win the whole thing.

9 xsourxgumxrocksx
Why: John a fun guy to talk to and be around but theres also a cutthroad badass side to him that can take you down in a second. The perfect character that I think applies to him is The Joker. Everyone think’s he’s just an entertaining character but when the time comes he’s a cutthroat opponent who will do what It takes to survive and get what he wants. The Joker would survive well In the hunger games because he will take out anyone and anything to win because he believes in big moves to get what he wants.

10 Wishin_10
Nicole has great inner strength that I don’t think a lot of people see or maybe that she doesn’t even see herself. Shes grown up a lot since I first met her and continues to come back and stick around despite all the trials she has been through and I have always found that really inspiring. I think the perfect character is Ripley specifically from Aliens 2. She returns to the plan that caused her so much terror the first time and really finds her inner badass something I know Nicole can do too. Ripley would win the hunger games because once she unleashed that inner strength literally no one would be able to stop her.

11 Kyogre123
Henry is inspiring because forever and always he will be the person who taught me my own weaknesses and how important it is to be self aware. Because of him I realized I was starting to become an entitled doush which really isn’t what I wanted to be. I like to think because of Henry I’ve become less arrogant and more laid back about not just games but life in general. Henry is best represented by God from Bruce Almighty because like Henry God teaches Bruce the error of his ways and Bruce becomes a better person. God could win the hunger games because honestly he’s god and he can just blow someone up by winking which is pretty difficult to stop.

12 Mikey_Elite
Why: Mikey is equal parts skill and entertainment. He’s fun to talk to and get to know but he’s also incredibly skilled and intelligent. He has many different sides that it takes you awhile to get to know all of them. I think he is best represent by Ben Linus from lost. Like Ben Mikey is very complex and you just have to learn to get to know all sides of him. But once you do he will surprise you. Ben would survive the hunger games because he would be unpredictable. Just when people think they have him figured out he’d pull the rug out from under them and go make a play for victory!

Part 2:

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

Posts : 411
Join date : 2012-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Challenge Thread   Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:42 pm

ROfl why not

1. Steak w/ onions, garden salad and milk

2. Roast beef w/ gravy, tea and lemonade

3. Fried chicken w/ vegetables, hamburer w/ fries, cookie & coffee

4. Garden salad, milk & cookie

5. Fried chicken w/ vegetables, candy bar, cookie & orange juice

6. 2 Cheesey Breadsticks, 2 candy bars, coffee and a tea

7. Chicken tenders, candy bar, bowl of ice cream and a tea

8. 2 Hamburger w/Fries, 1 Fried Chicken w/Vegetables, 1 milk, 1 orange juice and 1 lemonade

9. Steak w/ Onions, fried Chicken w/Vegetables and 2 lemonades

10. 2 Lobsters, a Crème brûlée, an orange juice and a lemonade
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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

Posts : 411
Join date : 2012-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Challenge Thread   Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:12 pm


1. There were only three people. Daughter, her mother, and her grandmother

2. The Silver is in the first box.

3. Ten kids will get each one apple. The eleventh kid will get the apple with the bowl.
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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

Posts : 411
Join date : 2012-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Challenge Thread   Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:35 pm


1. Who is the biggest threat to win this game?

Jesse Pinkman

2. Who is under the false impression that they are smart?

Bobby Drake

3. Who is into this game to a creepy degree?

Jesse Pinkman

4. Who is the nicest person left remaining?

Max Black

5. Who needs to pick up the slack a little more?

Max Black

6. Who needs to be slapped across the face?

Chris Keller

7. Who is the most untrustworthy person left remaining?

Bobby Drake

8. Who is your best friend remaining in the game?

Kirby Reed

9. Who is the biggest poser?

Bobby Drake

10. Who does NOT deserve to win this game?

Bobby Drake

11. Who of the people already voted out do you miss the most?

Kim Mills

12. Who is the best competitor?

Jesse Pinkman

13. Who talks too much?

Jesse Pinkman

14. Who is the most perky of the bunch?

Jesse Pinkman
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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

Posts : 411
Join date : 2012-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Challenge Thread   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:11 pm

Final Immunity Challenge: Omg this is such a shot in the dark i'm probably going home lmao. Been a good run anyway.

1. Kirby Reed

2. Lip Gallagher

3. Bobby Drake

4. Elena Gilbert

5. Blair Waldorf

6. Chris Keller

7. Legolas

8. BabyDoll

9. Bella Swan

10. Elena Gilbert

11. Santana Lopez

12. Kim Mills

13. Tim Riggins

14. McLovin

15. Kim Mills

16. Santana Lopez

17. Chris Keller
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Challenge Thread
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