Mystery: Hunger Games

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 Confessional 8: The beauty of knowing when to keep your mouth shut

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Marty Kranz

Marty Kranz

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PostSubject: Confessional 8: The beauty of knowing when to keep your mouth shut    Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:54 pm

These games are jokes sometimes. People are honestly way too agreesive way too early in these my oh my.

Okay so aparently McLovin was just stresseed out cause Elesa has been starting shit with him and Marianne. Hes been defending himself and arguing all day its beautiful.

All hes doing is getting a bigger target on his back as people see how involved in everything he is. So im sitting there faking sympathy and Marianne starts messaging me saying how stressed out SHE is. So she informs me about everything going on. Do I tell her what to do? Hell no! I just tell her to go with her gut. So she says now she'll keep me informed.

Finally Blaire wants to make a new alliance(yes another one) with me/kirby/her/jessie. Something that will actually last. Which honestly might be a smart idea.

As of now I trust her and Kirby the most. Blaire ended up beating out Max since I'm actually getting more talkitive messages from Blaire. Max is kinda quiet.

Also hilarious moment I forget if I mentioned this before but I had forgotten to tell McLovin about that big alliance i'm in. So I of course admitted it because i'm not gonna be a lying shit at THIS point in the game. So he asks Legolas to confirm and Legolas denies it! Guess who just proved hes more trustworthy then Legolas and probably gained more of McLovin's trust. THIS GUY!

I swear people really underestimate the value of NOT trying to control every single vote sometimes. Sometimes it pays to let other people run with the rope and hang themselves. Then you can pick up the debree thats left and crush the rest of the running chickens.

So at this point McLovin is pushing for Bobby/Elsea(i swear im butching her name but too lzy to check right now) and the oter side wants Mclovin/BabyDoll out.

The beauty of that? At this point neither one is me and neither one is in my super close circle of trust. Like people I legitimately trust. So as of pre-immunity challenge I am just gravy lol.

End "Marty is awesome" venting. I'm sure things will get tough later but its nice seeing people scramble around me sometimes. Just love playing it cool.
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Confessional 8: The beauty of knowing when to keep your mouth shut
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